Friday, April 17, 2009

Click me and be my pupil :)

This is one addictive game even if you don't actually get to control your battles.
I was introduced to this game by Myko - he is a persistent one. Lol.
And it turns out, it really is fun. No registration needed. It's a bit of a hassle when other site/games requires e-mail validation, but this one doesn't have one of those. :D
If no one referred you, you can go directly to the site and make your own brute. But it'd be much better if you follow a friend's link and you'll be his pupil. And weapons and skills come out randomly so don't get disappointed if you battle with someone who has two dogs! XD

Aaaand if you want me to be your master, simply click the link above my young padawan. XD

Enjoy! ^___^

(trust me it's addictive)