Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jason Earles' age

For Disney Channel fans, his name wouldn't be in the "who's that" section. And I am one big fan from cartoons to original shows and movies.
Jason Earles stars in a DC original series Hannah Montana, playing Miley Cyrus' older brother Jackson Stewart. In the series he plays half his age 16-17, when he's real age is about 30. I first saw this in youtube video comments and could hardly believe it. He looks young! So I had to search for articles about him and almost all of them contained him being old. XD
An old article dated 2007 from USA today talks about Miley and her dad, also mentioning other casts from the series.

Says Hannah co-star Jason Earles, 29, who plays Miley's big brother, Jackson: "Miley really did come out of nowhere and suddenly become this sensation.

With that and a lot of other sites, I was convinced he really is.. old. XD
And he's married too. o_O

Here are some facts about him from IMDB:

He is a trained equestrian rider.
He likes to play video games in his spare time.
He says that the school subjects he liked the most were science and math.

Anyways, it doesn't matter if he's 15 or 30, as long as he plays his part well. I always find him funny. XD

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cabal Memorabilia

I may be weak in game but my Cabal memories are great since I found friends and a few foes as well. XD
Half of my Cabal days were spent in the forums. Lol. Some see me as the antagonist in the Cabal Online Discussion section because of my posts. A lot of which where contradicting the thread starters' point of view; can't blame me, most were crap threads anyways. That is why I was named "spammer" more than once since I post in every thread, though they have substance in them - you know some Pinoy attitudes. XD
Every Saturday would be Cabal day for me and hubby. We would go to a cafe and play all day and even eat our lunch there which is almost always burger & fries.
Then I joined Cabal Girl Gamers Club (CGGC) and that what made foruming for me even more worthwhile. I made good friends like Sutekiya, Amanda, zAYtie, Emskilicious, LadyPinkfLame, surreal, hermosa, kaisuke, [men]otep, haruhiyuu, kreig, FM Suki-Don[/men lol] to only name a few. Bonds were built and even though CGGC was merged into Girl E-Gamers together with Ran and others, some of us would still go by "CGGC".
I was voted "Featured CCGC member for October" and was quite controversial actually.
Some people know that. XD
These are my virtual souvenirs:

GM Ryujin interviewed me a few hours after being voted. here~

And the offical article.

Where am I now? Currently in ZhuXian Online. :)

To hubby Phailed, thanks for grinding my Force Blader in order to reach Transcendent rank skill. <3
Yah, I'm pretty much into him :P

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our 3rd Anniversary

March 7, 2009

I woke up feeling excited at the thought of hubby and me celebrating our 3rd year anniversary. The clock seemed slow in ticking the hours and minutes away. One thing that made me anticipate the day more is him not telling me where he would take me to dinner. At long last lunch time was only minutes away. I prepared myself and even had the guts to wear my skirt which I last wore on Valentines`07.
I went out the house, fetched a taxi and waited inside with a few make-up on. Then I saw him standing where we usually meet and my heart kinda like jumped, seriously. It's a little foolish to hear it since we've been together for years but it seems that the spark's just gets more illuminating with each passing day.
We watched Watchmen, butt-kicking superheroes. XD

After that was the long awaited dinner and he took me to Sarung Banggi, a cozy restaurant situated downtown. I think the last time I ate therewas during my elementary graduation. Lol.
I was full after the meal but we still had plans for coffee. So we went to Jack's Ridge and drank double choco cookies & cream while we surfed the net since I brought my notebook with me. We had a really good laugh watching Japanese game shows on youtube. Crazy Japanese! XD
Time flew and with battery drained, we headed home. Though he was about to go out with friends later that evening, I didn't mind; I just had the best anniversary of my life ^_^
Holding my hand and kissed me goodbye, I could say he enjoyed the day too.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Zhuxian Online's ForeplaY family

[ForeplaY family with CM Mei Yan(middle)]
L-R: MaDz, LicKnDip, Hue, MayChan, secreto, CM Mei Yan,
_GOD_, Phailed, MuJitSu and bB's pilot(below)

Above are the incomplete members of ForeplaY family in Zhuxian Online.
This was taken last January 31,'09 Road to Domination at SM City of Davao. Actually, I only started playing the game days after this photo was taken. :D
The missing members are Dianne28, ZEPHYR, Xercez, slayer, TamiToY, joyNURSE and woah. But I will get their pictures someday. *evil grin*
I started playing with some of these guys during our Granado Espada time bearing the faction name AyawBahKayGilok(Please Don't It Tickles) in Carracci. Even though they're friends with my boyfriend for years now, I only got to know them well that time. XD

The good, bad, and naughty, we all have them here. XD
(to be continued..) hihi~

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thinking of You by Katy Perry

I usually don't dig mushy songs but one thing's certain, I love heartbreaking songs. I don't know but I am attracted to the songs' lyrics, as though I'm feeling lonely myself. Like songs such as Lips of an Angel, I love you goodbye and more.

I saw the music video of Thinking of You and I liked it. I also like Katy Perry's other songs hot&cold, I kissed a girl. Even though I'm not in the situation the girl in the song was in, but I'd probably feel the same way if ever hubby and me broke up.

Here's the vid, hope you like it like I do ;)

Yey. First Post.

Yes, first post here. Lol.
Not my first time blogging though since I had my own blog at and I just thought of making one here.
I found out that there is another blog named Mujitsu yet I don't know what it's all about. I checked and boo-yah last post was in 2007. :D

A short introduction.
I am Mujitsu, 22 and an online gamer for almost six years now. I'm not the typical female who walks in an internet cafe and do friendster, facebook and other sites all the time (which I happen to notice with most women). I spend time there playing online games. I can still remember years ago when my older sister and I went to a cafe. The attendant asked, "Are you gonna surf?" and I replied, "Nah. We're gonna play. Ragnarok" And he totally shouted "Haaaa?" like we were some foreign object on his nose or something and that's no exaggeration. Heh.

Anyways, you get the picture ;)
Imma post my other stories from my other blog; I love writing stories since high school.