Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cabal Memorabilia

I may be weak in game but my Cabal memories are great since I found friends and a few foes as well. XD
Half of my Cabal days were spent in the forums. Lol. Some see me as the antagonist in the Cabal Online Discussion section because of my posts. A lot of which where contradicting the thread starters' point of view; can't blame me, most were crap threads anyways. That is why I was named "spammer" more than once since I post in every thread, though they have substance in them - you know some Pinoy attitudes. XD
Every Saturday would be Cabal day for me and hubby. We would go to a cafe and play all day and even eat our lunch there which is almost always burger & fries.
Then I joined Cabal Girl Gamers Club (CGGC) and that what made foruming for me even more worthwhile. I made good friends like Sutekiya, Amanda, zAYtie, Emskilicious, LadyPinkfLame, surreal, hermosa, kaisuke, [men]otep, haruhiyuu, kreig, FM Suki-Don[/men lol] to only name a few. Bonds were built and even though CGGC was merged into Girl E-Gamers together with Ran and others, some of us would still go by "CGGC".
I was voted "Featured CCGC member for October" and was quite controversial actually.
Some people know that. XD
These are my virtual souvenirs:

GM Ryujin interviewed me a few hours after being voted. here~

And the offical article.

Where am I now? Currently in ZhuXian Online. :)

To hubby Phailed, thanks for grinding my Force Blader in order to reach Transcendent rank skill. <3
Yah, I'm pretty much into him :P

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