Thursday, March 5, 2009

Zhuxian Online's ForeplaY family

[ForeplaY family with CM Mei Yan(middle)]
L-R: MaDz, LicKnDip, Hue, MayChan, secreto, CM Mei Yan,
_GOD_, Phailed, MuJitSu and bB's pilot(below)

Above are the incomplete members of ForeplaY family in Zhuxian Online.
This was taken last January 31,'09 Road to Domination at SM City of Davao. Actually, I only started playing the game days after this photo was taken. :D
The missing members are Dianne28, ZEPHYR, Xercez, slayer, TamiToY, joyNURSE and woah. But I will get their pictures someday. *evil grin*
I started playing with some of these guys during our Granado Espada time bearing the faction name AyawBahKayGilok(Please Don't It Tickles) in Carracci. Even though they're friends with my boyfriend for years now, I only got to know them well that time. XD

The good, bad, and naughty, we all have them here. XD
(to be continued..) hihi~

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