Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Enjoying Old School NES Games

Missed the games we used to play with our family computer when we were kids?
We used to spend minutes or hours even (if our parents don't spank us) just playing these video games or NES games. These include the ever popular Contra, Circus Charlie, Ice Climber just to name a few.
Now, our family computer units may not be working anymore, but luckily there are emulators that enable us to play these games in our PCs.

You can download a NES emulator and NES games at this site.

In case you haven't found the NES game you were looking for, I recommend these other brilliant sites you can download from:


You never have to think about "If only I could play it again at this age" :D

Sunday, October 25, 2009

How the war between Fatality and Lotus started

If you are a ZhuXian player, you might notice sometimes that World Chat is full of chat wars between Fatality and Lotus members. Well here's a little bit of history as to why this is happening. Credits to our clan master Chris for enlightening us on the matter. This was Master Chris' post about the matter. Post originally found here.

(This is gonna be a long one. Better get coffee and cigarettes in hand before starting with the next paragraph.)

(Ok, you've got your stuff? Then, read on...)

We were on our first cap at level 90, around February or March. Lotus was composed of the strongest families back then. Lotus family, Demigodz, Radicalz, Lust, Devilz, ForeplaY, and MunkeyZ were compose d of some of the strongest members. Both Fatality and Lotus were always on their guard because killers of Forsaken, namely Kalonji, Kiera, brainy29, ShiroKun, and some others were AFK-killing both our members. There was no war then. No conflict. In fact, both masters, Suing and FzEjhay, were on speaking terms even in YM.

There wasn't much to do then except farm, level up alternate characters, know the game well, and of course, hunt rares. And this was where the conflict started.

It was the Demigodz family, composed then of Rand (Shaikh), aeRitH, Bernelli, GoldMooN, GrimWulf, Phreiya, and some others who first tried boss hunting in Fox Mountain in Lotus. We were bugging Cat King everytime it comes out, sometimes, with some others from the clan if we can't complete the party. We included weena and jofZ, both from the Radicalz family in these boss hunts.

And then, Fatality came into the picture. They thought that they have the sole right to these bosses that they started killing Lotus members. And yet, Lotus remained non-aggressive (which was probably a mistake, as I will discuss later on). We continued deflecting the harassment of Forsaken, with ex-master Suing leading the pack.

All was well. Until one day, kr★mz of Radicalz talked to me, and said that all his members wanted to transfer to Fatality!! When asked why, he simply said "ako ayaw ko, pero desisyon nila yan e. gusto daw kse nila yumaman, e di naman daw nag BH ang Lotus" Greed!! And so, they went, and transferred to Fatality. I talked to Suing about them, but he can't understand the logic behind their reasoning (I can't either). Were they offered something? Because suddenly, we see Radicalz members leading the boss hunts!!

Because of that, Suing blocked the whole of Radicalz family and most of Fatality in World Chat. He doesn't hear them at all. And that was how all the hatred towards Suing started. Because we don't answer back (rather, Suing just ignored them), all the hatred just continued to grow. Of course, there are members loyal to Suing who were answering back, the exchange of words started. And then, the PK of Lotus members by Fatality during boss hunts. And more of the hate.

And the whole of Lotus started hating back. Thankfully, the clan still remained passive. We just continued to enjoy the game, enjoy each other's company, and the clan continued to grow.

And then the demise of Forsaken came about. We don't know the full story as to why, but suddenly, we saw Kiera and the Forsaken family in Fatality!! We were glad!! We thought that the AFK-killing of Lotus members would suddenly stop. But it didn't. If anything else, the intensity grew, to a point that some members of the clan just upped and left the game altogether. Suddenly, alternate characters of Fatality members are coming out of the woods and killing all of Lotus. Alternate characters like vhan17 (FzEjhay), ChaozZ (Chaos), and of course, Kiera and ShiroKun just continued to harrass Lotus. Sometimes we fight back, sometimes we don't.

It continued on until after the cap was lifted. And yet, we *STILL* remained passive, and this was where we were wrong. We shouldn't have let them just do whatever they wanted to in the first place. We should've fought back, even token resistance have its merits. But we didn't, and we still do not.

Soon, some of the members, and even 1 family, left Lotus because of all these AFK-killings. And we see them in Fatality. Did we do anything? No! Well, i talked to them to find out why, but that is all there is to it. They are still friends, we talk in PM, go together in BG, and so on. Even if Fatality members are kicking Lotus out of the party in the last tower in BG, we never did that to them.

After getting killed, we rant in clan and family chat, and we continue on like nothing happened. That was the best thing we did. We did nothing about it.

All throughout, Kiera, ShiroKun, and Ejhay (another alternate of FzEjhay) conitnued AFK-killing us. if they see that we are alive, they leave us alone, or if we are lower in level than them, they still PK. Still, we don't do anything.

*BUT*, if they get killed, they rant in WC how weak we are!! How is that for show?? All of a sudden, a new spate of the hatred just comes at us and slams us in the face. There were some strong families willing before to join us, just suddenly started backing out!!

You see, all troughout the conflict, the perceived error of Lotus in all of this was because we didn't play with them according to their own rules. We made our own, and lived by our own rule. We refused to be led.

Until today, the AFK-killing continues. ViperGod and SenpaI of Saphira family are doing to Fatality what they did to us, and Fatality rant in WC. Now that we have the option to PK them while AFK, they rant, they call us names, they call us weaks, they call us AFK-killers (really? yes, really), they call us lowbie killers, and other names that are more appropriate to them. When will this vicious cycle end? We did nothing before, and they hate us. We are doing something now, and they hate us more. >_>

Now, Kiera is telling everyone in WC, to leave Lotus or get PKed. What would you do? Would you leave Lotus just be cause you are afraid to get PKed? Would you join them, instead?

The bigger question is: Why do they hate and fear Lotus so much?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Farewell Letter to a dear friend

“Sometimes you put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down."

It is only a game yes, but one can learn a thousand life values from it.

I hope you're happy with where you are now, with whom you are with. The kind of people that can give you what I cannot. For it was only my friendship that I could offer. I'm not rich like them and never will be. I'm not saying you value good items more than genuine friendship but I must admit that they can give you a sweeter and easier life.
Who was I to make you stay?
Jam and I were saddened when you left. But we can't do anything about it. It was your decision after all. And master had the right to be mad at you; I know he'll miss you too. Even though he reprimands you most of the time, I believe he cares for you that's why he was doing that. Do we miss you? Yes, everyday even. But we cannot leave the clan just to run after somebody who hadn't thought of the people that they were about to leave behind. This also goes for the people who left before you.
Real life and gaming are two different things but what you show online also reflects what you are outside it. I greatly miss the people I used to chat with now that they are with the "enemy" clan. Our family remained where we are. It was never in our minds to bother with the politics of the game. We only kill when we are being faced with pk after all.
The whole thing may be too dramatic for you but since you left us, there became a barrier between us. We do not talk the way we used to, laughed at your jokes or maybe just spam the whole clan chat with just emoticons.

People change, I think you did too.

Friday, August 7, 2009

My ZX Online Wedding

Love doesn't make the world go 'round.
Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

-- Franklin P. Jones

It was August 7, our 41st monthsary together.
He decided to get married a week earlier. I never knew that this day would be so special - more than what I've expected.
A few minutes before 7pm, friends and clanmates started gathering at Heyang City to attend our wedding. I was thinking that although only a few would attend, I would still be happy for it. Great was my shock when I saw lots of people turning up with every minute that passed. Not to mention the lag :D
They began to chant "start the wedding" and we said we were still waiting for our special guests - CM Mei Yan and GM Tsong. ^_^
Moments later, GM Tsong arrived. I think my clanmates didn't take it seriously when I said they were gonna attend. ^,..,^
People were chatting so fast I believe it generated 5chats/sec o_o
When the guests were complete, we finished the marriage quest, and yes, we were married. Lol. :DDD
Players congratulated us via world chat, whispers, normal and clan chat. I only had the chance to see who greeted me for a second as my chatbox became flooded with messages. But rest assured, I read all of them. - I had to scroll up like mad. Haha.
We gave away items as souvenirs while running around the town. I almost felt dizzy doing that @_@
Then the GMs kidnapped us and brought us to - wait, was it Azure Cloud or Heaven Sound map? @_@ CM gave me a moonlight as a wedding gift weeee. We took pictures and they watched us while we kissed. O_o
All in all it was a very memorable day thanks to all who attended. Their presence alone warmed my heart.

Thanks again to master Suing, my Foreplay family, the Lotus Clan, friends, complete strangers(hehe), and CM Mei Yan & GM Tsong. I wish I could mention all your names but cannot since there were too many. :(

Again, thank you, from the both of us. :) - MuJitSu & Phailed

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.
- Oscar Wilde

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jamby Madrigal defiles Tita Cory's memorial service - A Repost

I was plurking when my older sister gave me this article link which showed how dirty and disrespectful one person can be. Amidst the mourning of the whole Philippine population, one Jamby Madrigal saw it fit to insert her campaign attempts which I am sure led to a many thumbs down.

Shame on your Jamby Madrigal by Happy Feraren

Now that we’ve remembered, relived and recreated the spirit of ’86 let’s make sure this yellow ribbon doesn’t get tangled up in other people’s political campaigns.

Subtle electioneering IN A FUNERAL?!?! SHAME ON YOU. Do not ride on Cory’s wave to pursue your vested interest. The people who waited in the streets weren’t there to see you! The revolution doesn’t belong to you, phony politician, it belongs to the people. And what makes you think you could get away with such a dirty trick? Cory’s lasting impression of sincerity, humility and honesty is now the benchmark of what leaders are supposed to be. You think people don’t see through you? The respect we have for Cory is not something you acquire with falsity (or through endorsement from Judy Ann Santos) it is earned. How dare you pose as someone offering sympathy to the Aquino family while you think about the votes you’re going to get come election time.

As I waited for the cortege (news networks’ new favourite word) along the South Super Highway, my mom and I bought 2 yellow umbrellas from this street vendor who was also selling nuts. And then as we paid, he pulled out something from his pocket – a yellow beaded bracelet nicely packed in a small clear plastic bag. Upon handing it over to us, he said: “Eto o, bonus para sa inyo.”Of course my mom and I were pleased and were all “awww how sweet.”Until I actually looked at the bracelet and saw a little tag with the name and photo of Jamby Madrigal.

I called out to him and asked, “O bakit may Jamby Madrigal itong bracelet na ito” and when I looked at the vendor for an answer he had already walked away.

Maybe an hour before this incident, I saw her car passing by the growing sea of people. Window open, flashing the L sign and strangely enough, a cameraman in front filming the people. My mom started shouting “Transparencyyyy!” and then I looked at her asking if I could put up my middle finger and my mom looked at me and said I should just shout transparency, accountability or good governance. In other words “BOOOOOOOO!!!!” And then the two of us just started shouting BOO JAMBY!!!

I am utterly disgusted by you, Ms.Madrigal. And to you other filthy politicians, behave yourselves because we are all watching you, even if you’re supposedly Cory’s “favorite” mayor. Genuine democracy is People Power and everything Ninoy and Cory stood for. It also means that now, whenever there’s a phony claiming he or she is there to protect Cory’s legacy, we will be able to speak up and act with the same fearless fervour we had before.

You know sometimes I wish I could march in the government offices with a magical broom that can sweep away all the dirty politicians we have in this country. A giant clean up, but this time not just for the environment but for our government. Haha, imagine if we could really do that? I’m already writing down the names of the people I’d attack first with my magic walis!

So, before you file for candidacy (a bit too late though in this case) think again. Actually, good luck! The people have remembered.

I'm one of the future voters in the next elections and I know whose name I aint gonna write down.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Harry Potter 6 movie sneak peek

Yes I'm definitely excited about Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie to be out in July because I read the book for like a hundred times. Haha I lost count. And I'm currently rereading it before going to bed.
Below are a few images that I pictured in my mind while I was reading and they fit!
I just hope that the movie doesn't leave out too many important details like the previous movies. :)

The Unbreakable Vow

Potions with Professor Slughorn (Where's Snape? eep!)Photobucket

Romilda Vane (Who is she? :x)Photobucket

One word: Snogging. LOL! :xPhotobucket

Who could this child be? :DPhotobucket

Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer-End Outing~!

More pics here~!
ForeplaY™ decided to have its outing on the 22-23rd of May. Today's 23rd XD So technically, I just got home from the beach, uploaded some pics and blogged. I had fun since most of the family™ members were there. Even though the afternoon started with shit no-cottage-available on our planned beach resulting to transferring to another which was way more costly but we had no other choice. When we got there we all felt sleepy because of the weather and the cold room. XD After a few minutes Dianne28 and slayer arrived. Not that I don't know their names but I rather say their igns for ZX players' view sake @_@
After Phailed and me swam for minutes near the shore - it wasn't that enjoyable since the beach was deserted and the waves were too strong - I fell asleep. Chefs Dianne and slayer prepared our dinner which was delectable. I can't remember how many cups of rice I was able to eat. Followed by a drinking session, videoke singing and more drinking. Lol~ Some arrived later like jOYNURSE, sassy22 and Xercez with his gf.
At around midnight we watched an amateur boxing held here in one of the barrangays featuring child boxers. They looked funny since most of them looks like they don't know what they're doing AND even funnier are the commentators and their comic statements.
Haha the funny part about our outing was when we were about to sleep. The room was huge and was good for four persons. But five of us used the large bed since we all felt scared when LicKnDip started sharing ghost stories. I can't stop laughing to secreto's punchlines - it got stuck in my head. xD We slept around 1am in the morning after a dozen laughs and more ghost stories. XD
We woke up at 10am still feeling lazy. We ordered a whole spicy chicken(yum!) and waited. We ate it with gusto together with the canned tunas I brought. BURP!
Before going home, we took some pictures for keepsake.
I had fun. :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

ZX's ForeplaY family part 2

With CM Mei Yan again, but this time with a different cast compared with last SM event. If you want to see more event pictures, just click this--> e-Games Davao gamefest with Globe

The day started with me and Phailed going to the event together. We arrived past 10am and the activities hasn't started yet. Maybe they were waiting for us. :D
We met up with our co-ForeplaY family members whom all were jobbers that time.
Sitting drinking her coffee in a coffee haus near the event booth was CM Mei Yan together with other e-Games GMs. She thought our group was still playing Granado Espada. Waa. XD
At the freeplay, I was lucky enough to buy a +9 weapon when someone shouted it at World Chat. After 2 weeks of no equipment I finally had one. Lol. But it had nothing to do with the event though haha.
We played for hours and we went back to the event booth by 4pm to join the raffle. Phailed won a Globe card worth 300 and a game console. xD
We took lotsa pics after, as seen on the album. Hehe.
After the event, we headed straight for Banok's since we were all hungry. D:
I was with Phailed, bB, LicKnDip(our shaikh), slayer, Dianne28, jOyNURSE, Hue. Too bad sassy22 can't come and PIZZAHUT won't come. Haha.
It's up to you to guess who's who.

And that's that. :D

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Notable Animes in the 90s

All credits to the person who made the vids. :)

1. Dragonball
2. Eto Rangers
3. Ghost Fighter
4. Ranma 1/2
5. Sailor Moon
6. Saint Tail
7. Slam Dunk
8. Super Boink
9. Time Quest
10. Yaiba
11. Akazukin Cha cha
12. Ang Mahiwagang Kwintas
13. BT'X
14. Cedie
15. Gundam Wing
16. Huckleberry Finn
17. Let's & Go!
18. Lupin III
19. Mga Munting Pangarap ni Romeo
20. Mojacko
21. Neon Genesis Evangelion
22. Pokemon
23. Remi
24. Samurai X
25. Sarah

Watching the videos made me cry. I remember watching almost all animes in the list and it brought back memories. The 90s definitely was the best part of my growing up life.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Click me and be my pupil :)

This is one addictive game even if you don't actually get to control your battles.
I was introduced to this game by Myko - he is a persistent one. Lol.
And it turns out, it really is fun. No registration needed. It's a bit of a hassle when other site/games requires e-mail validation, but this one doesn't have one of those. :D
If no one referred you, you can go directly to the mybrute.com site and make your own brute. But it'd be much better if you follow a friend's link and you'll be his pupil. And weapons and skills come out randomly so don't get disappointed if you battle with someone who has two dogs! XD

Aaaand if you want me to be your master, simply click the link above my young padawan. XD

Enjoy! ^___^

(trust me it's addictive)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jason Earles' age

For Disney Channel fans, his name wouldn't be in the "who's that" section. And I am one big fan from cartoons to original shows and movies.
Jason Earles stars in a DC original series Hannah Montana, playing Miley Cyrus' older brother Jackson Stewart. In the series he plays half his age 16-17, when he's real age is about 30. I first saw this in youtube video comments and could hardly believe it. He looks young! So I had to search for articles about him and almost all of them contained him being old. XD
An old article dated 2007 from USA today talks about Miley and her dad, also mentioning other casts from the series.

Says Hannah co-star Jason Earles, 29, who plays Miley's big brother, Jackson: "Miley really did come out of nowhere and suddenly become this sensation.

With that and a lot of other sites, I was convinced he really is.. old. XD
And he's married too. o_O

Here are some facts about him from IMDB:

He is a trained equestrian rider.
He likes to play video games in his spare time.
He says that the school subjects he liked the most were science and math.

Anyways, it doesn't matter if he's 15 or 30, as long as he plays his part well. I always find him funny. XD

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cabal Memorabilia

I may be weak in game but my Cabal memories are great since I found friends and a few foes as well. XD
Half of my Cabal days were spent in the forums. Lol. Some see me as the antagonist in the Cabal Online Discussion section because of my posts. A lot of which where contradicting the thread starters' point of view; can't blame me, most were crap threads anyways. That is why I was named "spammer" more than once since I post in every thread, though they have substance in them - you know some Pinoy attitudes. XD
Every Saturday would be Cabal day for me and hubby. We would go to a cafe and play all day and even eat our lunch there which is almost always burger & fries.
Then I joined Cabal Girl Gamers Club (CGGC) and that what made foruming for me even more worthwhile. I made good friends like Sutekiya, Amanda, zAYtie, Emskilicious, LadyPinkfLame, surreal, hermosa, kaisuke, [men]otep, haruhiyuu, kreig, FM Suki-Don[/men lol] to only name a few. Bonds were built and even though CGGC was merged into Girl E-Gamers together with Ran and others, some of us would still go by "CGGC".
I was voted "Featured CCGC member for October" and was quite controversial actually.
Some people know that. XD
These are my virtual souvenirs:

GM Ryujin interviewed me a few hours after being voted. here~

And the offical article.

Where am I now? Currently in ZhuXian Online. :)

To hubby Phailed, thanks for grinding my Force Blader in order to reach Transcendent rank skill. <3
Yah, I'm pretty much into him :P

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our 3rd Anniversary

March 7, 2009

I woke up feeling excited at the thought of hubby and me celebrating our 3rd year anniversary. The clock seemed slow in ticking the hours and minutes away. One thing that made me anticipate the day more is him not telling me where he would take me to dinner. At long last lunch time was only minutes away. I prepared myself and even had the guts to wear my skirt which I last wore on Valentines`07.
I went out the house, fetched a taxi and waited inside with a few make-up on. Then I saw him standing where we usually meet and my heart kinda like jumped, seriously. It's a little foolish to hear it since we've been together for years but it seems that the spark's just gets more illuminating with each passing day.
We watched Watchmen, butt-kicking superheroes. XD

After that was the long awaited dinner and he took me to Sarung Banggi, a cozy restaurant situated downtown. I think the last time I ate therewas during my elementary graduation. Lol.
I was full after the meal but we still had plans for coffee. So we went to Jack's Ridge and drank double choco cookies & cream while we surfed the net since I brought my notebook with me. We had a really good laugh watching Japanese game shows on youtube. Crazy Japanese! XD
Time flew and with battery drained, we headed home. Though he was about to go out with friends later that evening, I didn't mind; I just had the best anniversary of my life ^_^
Holding my hand and kissed me goodbye, I could say he enjoyed the day too.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Zhuxian Online's ForeplaY family

[ForeplaY family with CM Mei Yan(middle)]
L-R: MaDz, LicKnDip, Hue, MayChan, secreto, CM Mei Yan,
_GOD_, Phailed, MuJitSu and bB's pilot(below)

Above are the incomplete members of ForeplaY family in Zhuxian Online.
This was taken last January 31,'09 Road to Domination at SM City of Davao. Actually, I only started playing the game days after this photo was taken. :D
The missing members are Dianne28, ZEPHYR, Xercez, slayer, TamiToY, joyNURSE and woah. But I will get their pictures someday. *evil grin*
I started playing with some of these guys during our Granado Espada time bearing the faction name AyawBahKayGilok(Please Don't It Tickles) in Carracci. Even though they're friends with my boyfriend for years now, I only got to know them well that time. XD

The good, bad, and naughty, we all have them here. XD
(to be continued..) hihi~

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thinking of You by Katy Perry

I usually don't dig mushy songs but one thing's certain, I love heartbreaking songs. I don't know but I am attracted to the songs' lyrics, as though I'm feeling lonely myself. Like songs such as Lips of an Angel, I love you goodbye and more.

I saw the music video of Thinking of You and I liked it. I also like Katy Perry's other songs hot&cold, I kissed a girl. Even though I'm not in the situation the girl in the song was in, but I'd probably feel the same way if ever hubby and me broke up.

Here's the vid, hope you like it like I do ;)

Yey. First Post.

Yes, first post here. Lol.
Not my first time blogging though since I had my own blog at http://gemmablogz.blog.friendster.com/ and I just thought of making one here.
I found out that there is another blog named Mujitsu yet I don't know what it's all about. I checked and boo-yah last post was in 2007. :D

A short introduction.
I am Mujitsu, 22 and an online gamer for almost six years now. I'm not the typical female who walks in an internet cafe and do friendster, facebook and other sites all the time (which I happen to notice with most women). I spend time there playing online games. I can still remember years ago when my older sister and I went to a cafe. The attendant asked, "Are you gonna surf?" and I replied, "Nah. We're gonna play. Ragnarok" And he totally shouted "Haaaa?" like we were some foreign object on his nose or something and that's no exaggeration. Heh.

Anyways, you get the picture ;)
Imma post my other stories from my other blog; I love writing stories since high school.