Friday, August 7, 2009

My ZX Online Wedding

Love doesn't make the world go 'round.
Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

-- Franklin P. Jones

It was August 7, our 41st monthsary together.
He decided to get married a week earlier. I never knew that this day would be so special - more than what I've expected.
A few minutes before 7pm, friends and clanmates started gathering at Heyang City to attend our wedding. I was thinking that although only a few would attend, I would still be happy for it. Great was my shock when I saw lots of people turning up with every minute that passed. Not to mention the lag :D
They began to chant "start the wedding" and we said we were still waiting for our special guests - CM Mei Yan and GM Tsong. ^_^
Moments later, GM Tsong arrived. I think my clanmates didn't take it seriously when I said they were gonna attend. ^,..,^
People were chatting so fast I believe it generated 5chats/sec o_o
When the guests were complete, we finished the marriage quest, and yes, we were married. Lol. :DDD
Players congratulated us via world chat, whispers, normal and clan chat. I only had the chance to see who greeted me for a second as my chatbox became flooded with messages. But rest assured, I read all of them. - I had to scroll up like mad. Haha.
We gave away items as souvenirs while running around the town. I almost felt dizzy doing that @_@
Then the GMs kidnapped us and brought us to - wait, was it Azure Cloud or Heaven Sound map? @_@ CM gave me a moonlight as a wedding gift weeee. We took pictures and they watched us while we kissed. O_o
All in all it was a very memorable day thanks to all who attended. Their presence alone warmed my heart.

Thanks again to master Suing, my Foreplay family, the Lotus Clan, friends, complete strangers(hehe), and CM Mei Yan & GM Tsong. I wish I could mention all your names but cannot since there were too many. :(

Again, thank you, from the both of us. :) - MuJitSu & Phailed

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.
- Oscar Wilde


Mujitsu said...

thank you for viewing! ^_^

ChrisH said...


Even though Pat and I failed to stop (this farce of a) your wedding, there's only one thing i can say:



Phreiya said...

Heya Muji!

Congrats! May the two of you have a blessed and blissful married life. ;D