Monday, July 26, 2010

Goodbye ZX.. and Lotus..

Merely eight hours ago I was happily doing Battleground with some of my clanmates until a world chat hit me hard in the face. It said that ZX was closing down in five days. Naturally, my reaction would be "just another rumor". But the player confidently said to read the forums for the official announcement. I quickly visited the forums both frightened and worried about what I was going to see there.

When I saw the latest post to be coming from a CM, I felt a quick stab in the heart. I read the thread over and over again to absorb if what I was seeing was real. "We are closing ZX Online within 5 days".. This took me a few minutes to fully understand those words.. I know this was going to happen, but its sudden announcement was what I could not believe.

Closing ZX. At the sight of these very words, I felt close to tears. It wasn't because of the money, time and effort I spent in game. Neither what I was going to leave behind. But WHO.

My gaming experience in ZX Online will never be comparable to the other games I played for one huge reason, The Lotus Clan.

A lot of people in our clan became my friends for more than a year. There are some whom I've known since we were lowbies in the game. But there are clanmates too who were new but I was able to mingle with them for some time. Sadly, we may not be able to find a game that will have us all in the clan play together.

I'll miss the game, but I'll miss the players even more.

Thank you Lotus for everything. Words are not enough to express how much I grieve for its loss...

I will be making some videos about ZX and Lotus..

- to be continued -