Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Where is ZX Lotus Now?

One month has passed since ZX Online PH was shut down. Weeks before that, many of us were already thinking what game to transfer to. When ZX closing was announced, our master Chris told us to try out the new game about to be released by PWI. Initially, several clanmates downloaded the game client and tried it out. But I was among the ones who stayed with ZX til the last minute. I was not ready yet to try a new game. It would seem like having an instant new boyfriend after you just broke up with your ex. ;p

Anyways, I downloaded Heroes of Three Kingdoms after a few days. I tried it out and at the beginning found it boring because there was no talisman feature! So I went back to playing ZX even though I was the only person online in our clan. When there was no choice left, I went back to HOTK.

Luckily, my former clanmates were eager to teach me every step of the way namely master Chris, Richard, Lenin, Johnver, Jule, Mots and Aldrin. I began to love the game. There were lotus too who were there but did not last and moved to Jade Dynasty instead. Very few were left but we were joined by new recruits coming from different parts of the world - mostly Pinoys too.

I know that the original members of ZX Online Lotus Clan were divided between HOTK and JD. But the people I come to know more are in HOTK. And I hope some of those in JD would transfer too BUT that may just be wishful thinking. There are some things in HOTK that seem too hard for someone who got used to the friendlier features in ZX.

With my ForeplaY family, all of them returned to RF Online - my real life buddies that is. I can never really miss them as I see them almost everyday in our tambayan cafe. XD But the name "Foreplay" has been carried on to HOTK with Aldrin as the head. ;)

We may not be together, but you will always be in my heart.