Sunday, October 25, 2009

How the war between Fatality and Lotus started

If you are a ZhuXian player, you might notice sometimes that World Chat is full of chat wars between Fatality and Lotus members. Well here's a little bit of history as to why this is happening. Credits to our clan master Chris for enlightening us on the matter. This was Master Chris' post about the matter. Post originally found here.

(This is gonna be a long one. Better get coffee and cigarettes in hand before starting with the next paragraph.)

(Ok, you've got your stuff? Then, read on...)

We were on our first cap at level 90, around February or March. Lotus was composed of the strongest families back then. Lotus family, Demigodz, Radicalz, Lust, Devilz, ForeplaY, and MunkeyZ were compose d of some of the strongest members. Both Fatality and Lotus were always on their guard because killers of Forsaken, namely Kalonji, Kiera, brainy29, ShiroKun, and some others were AFK-killing both our members. There was no war then. No conflict. In fact, both masters, Suing and FzEjhay, were on speaking terms even in YM.

There wasn't much to do then except farm, level up alternate characters, know the game well, and of course, hunt rares. And this was where the conflict started.

It was the Demigodz family, composed then of Rand (Shaikh), aeRitH, Bernelli, GoldMooN, GrimWulf, Phreiya, and some others who first tried boss hunting in Fox Mountain in Lotus. We were bugging Cat King everytime it comes out, sometimes, with some others from the clan if we can't complete the party. We included weena and jofZ, both from the Radicalz family in these boss hunts.

And then, Fatality came into the picture. They thought that they have the sole right to these bosses that they started killing Lotus members. And yet, Lotus remained non-aggressive (which was probably a mistake, as I will discuss later on). We continued deflecting the harassment of Forsaken, with ex-master Suing leading the pack.

All was well. Until one day, kr★mz of Radicalz talked to me, and said that all his members wanted to transfer to Fatality!! When asked why, he simply said "ako ayaw ko, pero desisyon nila yan e. gusto daw kse nila yumaman, e di naman daw nag BH ang Lotus" Greed!! And so, they went, and transferred to Fatality. I talked to Suing about them, but he can't understand the logic behind their reasoning (I can't either). Were they offered something? Because suddenly, we see Radicalz members leading the boss hunts!!

Because of that, Suing blocked the whole of Radicalz family and most of Fatality in World Chat. He doesn't hear them at all. And that was how all the hatred towards Suing started. Because we don't answer back (rather, Suing just ignored them), all the hatred just continued to grow. Of course, there are members loyal to Suing who were answering back, the exchange of words started. And then, the PK of Lotus members by Fatality during boss hunts. And more of the hate.

And the whole of Lotus started hating back. Thankfully, the clan still remained passive. We just continued to enjoy the game, enjoy each other's company, and the clan continued to grow.

And then the demise of Forsaken came about. We don't know the full story as to why, but suddenly, we saw Kiera and the Forsaken family in Fatality!! We were glad!! We thought that the AFK-killing of Lotus members would suddenly stop. But it didn't. If anything else, the intensity grew, to a point that some members of the clan just upped and left the game altogether. Suddenly, alternate characters of Fatality members are coming out of the woods and killing all of Lotus. Alternate characters like vhan17 (FzEjhay), ChaozZ (Chaos), and of course, Kiera and ShiroKun just continued to harrass Lotus. Sometimes we fight back, sometimes we don't.

It continued on until after the cap was lifted. And yet, we *STILL* remained passive, and this was where we were wrong. We shouldn't have let them just do whatever they wanted to in the first place. We should've fought back, even token resistance have its merits. But we didn't, and we still do not.

Soon, some of the members, and even 1 family, left Lotus because of all these AFK-killings. And we see them in Fatality. Did we do anything? No! Well, i talked to them to find out why, but that is all there is to it. They are still friends, we talk in PM, go together in BG, and so on. Even if Fatality members are kicking Lotus out of the party in the last tower in BG, we never did that to them.

After getting killed, we rant in clan and family chat, and we continue on like nothing happened. That was the best thing we did. We did nothing about it.

All throughout, Kiera, ShiroKun, and Ejhay (another alternate of FzEjhay) conitnued AFK-killing us. if they see that we are alive, they leave us alone, or if we are lower in level than them, they still PK. Still, we don't do anything.

*BUT*, if they get killed, they rant in WC how weak we are!! How is that for show?? All of a sudden, a new spate of the hatred just comes at us and slams us in the face. There were some strong families willing before to join us, just suddenly started backing out!!

You see, all troughout the conflict, the perceived error of Lotus in all of this was because we didn't play with them according to their own rules. We made our own, and lived by our own rule. We refused to be led.

Until today, the AFK-killing continues. ViperGod and SenpaI of Saphira family are doing to Fatality what they did to us, and Fatality rant in WC. Now that we have the option to PK them while AFK, they rant, they call us names, they call us weaks, they call us AFK-killers (really? yes, really), they call us lowbie killers, and other names that are more appropriate to them. When will this vicious cycle end? We did nothing before, and they hate us. We are doing something now, and they hate us more. >_>

Now, Kiera is telling everyone in WC, to leave Lotus or get PKed. What would you do? Would you leave Lotus just be cause you are afraid to get PKed? Would you join them, instead?

The bigger question is: Why do they hate and fear Lotus so much?