Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our 3rd Anniversary

March 7, 2009

I woke up feeling excited at the thought of hubby and me celebrating our 3rd year anniversary. The clock seemed slow in ticking the hours and minutes away. One thing that made me anticipate the day more is him not telling me where he would take me to dinner. At long last lunch time was only minutes away. I prepared myself and even had the guts to wear my skirt which I last wore on Valentines`07.
I went out the house, fetched a taxi and waited inside with a few make-up on. Then I saw him standing where we usually meet and my heart kinda like jumped, seriously. It's a little foolish to hear it since we've been together for years but it seems that the spark's just gets more illuminating with each passing day.
We watched Watchmen, butt-kicking superheroes. XD

After that was the long awaited dinner and he took me to Sarung Banggi, a cozy restaurant situated downtown. I think the last time I ate therewas during my elementary graduation. Lol.
I was full after the meal but we still had plans for coffee. So we went to Jack's Ridge and drank double choco cookies & cream while we surfed the net since I brought my notebook with me. We had a really good laugh watching Japanese game shows on youtube. Crazy Japanese! XD
Time flew and with battery drained, we headed home. Though he was about to go out with friends later that evening, I didn't mind; I just had the best anniversary of my life ^_^
Holding my hand and kissed me goodbye, I could say he enjoyed the day too.

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