Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer-End Outing~!

More pics here~!
ForeplaY™ decided to have its outing on the 22-23rd of May. Today's 23rd XD So technically, I just got home from the beach, uploaded some pics and blogged. I had fun since most of the family™ members were there. Even though the afternoon started with shit no-cottage-available on our planned beach resulting to transferring to another which was way more costly but we had no other choice. When we got there we all felt sleepy because of the weather and the cold room. XD After a few minutes Dianne28 and slayer arrived. Not that I don't know their names but I rather say their igns for ZX players' view sake @_@
After Phailed and me swam for minutes near the shore - it wasn't that enjoyable since the beach was deserted and the waves were too strong - I fell asleep. Chefs Dianne and slayer prepared our dinner which was delectable. I can't remember how many cups of rice I was able to eat. Followed by a drinking session, videoke singing and more drinking. Lol~ Some arrived later like jOYNURSE, sassy22 and Xercez with his gf.
At around midnight we watched an amateur boxing held here in one of the barrangays featuring child boxers. They looked funny since most of them looks like they don't know what they're doing AND even funnier are the commentators and their comic statements.
Haha the funny part about our outing was when we were about to sleep. The room was huge and was good for four persons. But five of us used the large bed since we all felt scared when LicKnDip started sharing ghost stories. I can't stop laughing to secreto's punchlines - it got stuck in my head. xD We slept around 1am in the morning after a dozen laughs and more ghost stories. XD
We woke up at 10am still feeling lazy. We ordered a whole spicy chicken(yum!) and waited. We ate it with gusto together with the canned tunas I brought. BURP!
Before going home, we took some pictures for keepsake.
I had fun. :)

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