Monday, May 18, 2009

ZX's ForeplaY family part 2

With CM Mei Yan again, but this time with a different cast compared with last SM event. If you want to see more event pictures, just click this--> e-Games Davao gamefest with Globe

The day started with me and Phailed going to the event together. We arrived past 10am and the activities hasn't started yet. Maybe they were waiting for us. :D
We met up with our co-ForeplaY family members whom all were jobbers that time.
Sitting drinking her coffee in a coffee haus near the event booth was CM Mei Yan together with other e-Games GMs. She thought our group was still playing Granado Espada. Waa. XD
At the freeplay, I was lucky enough to buy a +9 weapon when someone shouted it at World Chat. After 2 weeks of no equipment I finally had one. Lol. But it had nothing to do with the event though haha.
We played for hours and we went back to the event booth by 4pm to join the raffle. Phailed won a Globe card worth 300 and a game console. xD
We took lotsa pics after, as seen on the album. Hehe.
After the event, we headed straight for Banok's since we were all hungry. D:
I was with Phailed, bB, LicKnDip(our shaikh), slayer, Dianne28, jOyNURSE, Hue. Too bad sassy22 can't come and PIZZAHUT won't come. Haha.
It's up to you to guess who's who.

And that's that. :D

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