Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello 2011!

2010 was a year full of assorted memories, from good to bad, lame to exciting. There's a lot to be thankful and sad for everything that has happened in the past year, including:

Not-so-good events:
- Zhu Xian Online closed down
- ingame wars turned personal
- Dobby died.. XD

Great events:
- celebrated our 4th anniversary ♥
- even though ZX closed, I realized that the friendship I made with Lotus stretched far outside the game
- had the coolest boss, sir Matt ;)
- discovered the realms of Heroes of Three Kingdoms and Battle of Immortals
- co-owned a PSP with bf ♥
- had a new netbook
- BF was introduced to my extended family as well - aunts, uncles, cousins - and they liked him! ♥

In a nutshell, I loved 2010! The bad things that happened are of little importance and impact in contrast to the good ones. Thanks for a great year Lord! God bless us all! :D

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