Monday, March 7, 2011

5th year of Love ♥

March 7, 2006. A date which seemed to be just yesterday; and now here I look back and realize that it was already five years ago. But the feeling never faded nor changed, it just grew stronger. For a hopeless romantic like me, I considered it extreme luck (or even fate) to have met my boyfriend, Ervin. Each of us has a different view on what a perfect lover is, but to me, he is everything I always wanted. :)

We decided to celebrate our anniversary a day before because our actual day falls on a Monday. Both of us are busy during weekdays especially Mondays and we just wanted to share the moment longer. :)

He picked me up after lunch and we went to SM to have his hair cut. Then followed a series of "where are we going?". We ended up at the carnival but only took pictures and didn't ride. Then came dinner time and I was so excited because he told me it was a surprise. I kept guessing for days but he just won't tell me. Even in the car on the way to the destination, he won't tell me still. But when we arrived there, the store was closed after all. :( So we decided to go with plan B. I knew the place but haven't eaten there yet so it was still new to me. We went to Jack's Ridge and ate a lot! Calamares, sizzling squid and spicy pork ribs! Yummmm!

After feeling full, we headed back to SM to watch any last full show. We chose The Adjustment Bureau which isn't bad at all. The movie was great and so was the plot. :) Drove off to McDonalds after the movie where we waited for 12midnight. After an hour or two of talking, he drove me home. ♥

Today, we still had a special dinner. Don't I have the best boyfriend or what? :D
Truly, a very rare male specie! And I love him with all my heart. ^.^

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