Saturday, August 27, 2011

Finally Got My Pottermore Email

After several weeks of waiting, I finally got my third letter from Pottermore. The one stating that my account is finally ready and I can enter the site. Pottermore is set to open to all on October but there are a few who can enter it earlier during the beta phase.

I quickly logged in and explored the site. There are still a lot of changes to be done. I also took part in making a few suggestions, some already voiced out by other students.

Chapter to chapter I viewed all the stories and awesome artworks, when finally I got to the sorting hat. I was excited and nervous as to where the hat will put me. I have been believing I'm in Gryffindor for 10 years. So here I was, answering all the questions truthfully and the results came out. RAVENCLAW!
I was lost for words! Why oh why did I got sorted to Ravenclaw? The house where they say only the wittiest and brightest witches and wizards come from. Shocked, I continued anyway. If the sorting hat put me there, then I just let it be.

I explored further and began practicing on potions and spells. They weren't that easy haha. Anyways, Pottermore is a great site but I know it'll be greater when it opens in October. ;)

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