Friday, December 3, 2010

Love for My Pet

This was my entry in my former game ZX Online for the “Show Your Love for Pets” forum contest. Among many contestants, I was fortunate to win the event. :D

Capture my heart, you did
I yearn for you not to let it go;
A thousand heartaches it had
They left it no place to grow.
Hold my hand oh dear,
Let me take your breath away;
As I lead you to this new start
Adventures on our feet they lay.
Relieve yourself of the past,
Forget what is gone;
Try and journey with me
Together we’ll see the rising sun.
A lasting friendship I’ll give,
Memories you and I will share;
Laugh at our jokes,
And overcome all burdens to bear.
With love in our hearts,
Acceptance in our minds;
Let us show this world
A friendship that forever binds.


[♥] feby said...

I was 2nd in this event too! haha x)

Mujitsu said...

@Feby: Yes I remember it well! :D
Dito na event kita nanotice actually ^.^