Monday, December 6, 2010

ZX Online Lotus Clan Tribute

It was roughly 5pm on July 26, 2010 when e-Games announced the closing of ZX in 5days (which they eventually changed to a later date). The first thing that came to mind was my character. For a year and a half I have played her well and other characters which the owners completely trusted me into using them.

My mind was flooding with different thoughts but most of them were sad ones. No matter how I tried looking at it from a different angle, the fact remained the same, that my favorite game was going to end. I literally spent nights crying whenever I think about it. And every single morning I wake up, I wasn't my usual self; because there was this feeling inside that was telling me that I can't do anything about it. Yes, there was none, whether I like it or not. I also thought of the friends I made ingame. Luckily most of them are already listed in my Facebook friends but there were some who weren't. And this saddened me more.

In a nutshell, this video was the product of my grief and dismay when they were still fresh. Months later, here I am today still missing ZX but not as bad as I used to.

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