Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Loyalty: Unabridged Version

This is my bf’s winning entry for the “Relive Your Adventures” forum contest under the Creative category. The texts in bold are the actual captions used for each screenshot. :)

by : Phailed

One morning, I ran into the princess’ chambermaid. Fear and anxiety can be felt through her eyes as she hurriedly ran towards me. From her worried looks, I can tell there was something wrong.

She recalled the abduction of her majesty, asking for help. The princess was taken by a group of bandits without a word. They put the princess to sleep and carried her away. The intention wasn't made clear but the abductors obviously meant harm.

The council was shocked; I asked permission to rescue. I told them that the best way to look for the princess was to go alone. It may be dangerous to draw attention when the enemies are still unknown.

My request was granted and I traveled immediately. I brought with me various potions and equipment to prepare myself of the impending danger. The people who kidnapped her might be more dangerous than I thought.

I tracked the path she took and found the cave. Following the information the chambermaid gave, I was fortunate to have found the precise route. With only courage in my hand, I entered the cave.

Discovered her lying as if in an enchanted deep slumber. I tried touching her but there seems to be an invisible barrier. As I turned my back, I found the monsters guarding the princess. There were too many of them but I was left with no other choice but to attack since they saw me in plain view.

I overpowered the ones guarding the case and freed her. Using the skills I learned in Ghost King school, I was able to immobilize and stun them leading to a hard earned victory. Ones defeated, I quickly rushed to the princess to free her from this ill-omened cave.

I carried her quickly yet gently heading home. She gently whispered her thanks. I nodded and told her to not say too much yet as it might weaken her more.

The royal family gave me their thanks. They offered rewards, and I just said that it was enough to know that the princess is safe.

And I proudly said, “Forever I will be loyal.” Serving the people and for the good of everyone is best felt when done from the heart.

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